Custom software development

Development systems for companies

Manage all areas of your company from one place.

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Cloud based systems

Keep all your information safe.

Our cloud-based systems keep all your information secure and backed up and are accessible from anywhere with an internet connection and any type of device.

Ready for Integration

Ready for connections via API or implementation of external modules.

Our systems can communicate with other systems or tools to automate even more work and use information that belongs to third parties.

A desktop showing af rental order in Odoo Rentals

From sales and reservations to accounting

Control your business processes.

We create systems to automate and improve any area or process within any type of company.

Save time, money and work with a comprehensive system

Reduce unnecessary spreadsheets and emails

Manage your products, inventories, sales, reservations, or logistics processes such as transportation and manufacturing. With our systems you will be able to create reports automatically, manage users securely and complete or monitor various processes from any browser (or application). From accounting to human resources, we make it easier and more accessible.

Interfaz del programa maestro de producción en Fabricación de Odoo

We use languages ​​like HTML5, Bootstrap,
and CSS under .Net and MVC

Hosting service on our business
servers for clients

Database configuration with SQL Server

SEO optimization through custom
control panels

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